1000 gallon fermentation tank
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1000 gallon fermentation tank


Fermenting beer in a 1000-gallon fermentation tank can be a great way to prepare large batches of beer in one go.

This type of tank can provide brewers with more control over their beer’s flavor and consistency, as well as a more efficient and cost-effective process.

1000 gallon fermentation tank

Product description: 


The 1000-gallon beer fermentation tank is an essential piece of equipment for large-volume brewing.

Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, this tank has a capacity of 1000 gallons and is designed to provide accurate and controlled fermentation of the beer wort.

This tank has a number of features that make it ideal for large-volume brewing.

It is equipped with a double-walled cooling system that allows for precise and uniform fermentation temperature control. In addition, it has a cleaning port and drains valve for easy maintenance and cleaning of the tank.

The 1000-gallon beer fermentation tank is also designed for ease of use.

It features a digital display that shows the fermentation temperature and an intuitive control panel that allows for easy adjustment of temperature and other fermentation parameters.

In summary, the 1000-gallon beer fermentation tank is a high-quality, high-performance brewer that is essential for large-volume beer production. Its robust design, precise temperature control features, and ease of use make it an ideal choice for any brewery looking to increase production efficiently and effectively.





1000 gallon fermentation tank

Inner material SUS304 304 stainless steel,thickness 3.0 mm, Inner material is mirror polishing 8K;
Outer material SUS304 304 stainless steel,thickness 2.0 mm, #4 finish

Total volume: 38HL, Effective volume 30HL, 25% excess capacity

Mechanical pressure regulating valve

Multiple glycol jackets at shell and cone, made of SS304, with thickness of 2.0 mm.

Solenoid coolant valves

dished top are available

Butterfly valves

65 (internal angle) degree cone

Sample valves

Top manhole

Ball valves

75 mm PU insulation

Safety valve(PVRV)

Drain outlet

Pressure gauge

Beer outlet

CIP Spray ball

Temperature sensor PT-100


Fermentation Tank Features

  1. Adopting stainless steel SUS 304, the tanks’ quality meets GB/CE/PED/ASME standards.
  2. Interiors are polished to 0.2–0.4 m to ensure no dead corner for bacteria to hide.
  3. Side-mounted manhole with pressured door;
  4. two-stage glycol jacket for higher cooling efficiency.
  5. 60-degree bottom cone, easier for yeast settling and recycling;
  6. Horizontal rack arm for better avoiding trub saving and safer beer;
  7. EPDM gasket with a much longer lifetime;
  8. Vacuum relief valve for avoiding both positive and negative pressure
  9. With dry hopping port on top, available for strong beer brewing,
  10. 4 sets heavy-duty foot pads with up-down and slop adjustable;
  11. Wheels are available for easier moving;
  12. It can be stacked up to save installation space.
  13. Special dimensions are customizable;

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