What is a Brite Tank?

A brite tank, also known as a maturation tank, is a key component in the brewing process. This tank is used to store and mature beer after fermentation before it is bottled or packaged.

types of brite tanks:

Stainless steel tanks: these are the most common tanks used in brewing. These tanks are durable, easy to clean and corrosion resistant. They are also ideal for carbonation and long-term storage of beer.

Combined fermentation and storage tanks: Some brewers prefer to use tanks that can be used for both fermentation and storage. These tanks are larger and can store large quantities of beer. They are also useful for mass production.

Inverted cone tanks: These tanks have an inverted cone at the bottom that helps separate yeast and sediment from the liquid. This allows for more effective clarification and faster carbonation.

Double-walled tanks: These tanks have an additional layer of insulation that helps maintain a constant temperature during the carbonation and storage process. This is especially important for beers that require specific temperatures for fermentation.

Pressure tanks: These tanks are used for forced carbonation of beer. CO2 gas is added to the tank through a pressure valve, allowing for faster and more controlled carbonation.

In conclusion, brite tanks are an important part of the brewing process and there are many different types available to suit the needs of each brewery. The choice of brite tank type will depend on factors such as production capacity, desired beer clarity and the temperature required for fermentation.


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