Unforgettable Nicknames for Your Favorite Beer

In many countries, beer is a very popular drink and is often given affectionate or funny nicknames. In this article, we will explore some of the most common nicknames used for beer.

nicknames for beer


This nickname is commonly used in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. It is believed that the word “chela” comes from the Old Spanish word for “beer”. It is an affectionate nickname and is often used among friends and family.


This nickname is used in some Latin American countries, such as Argentina and Uruguay, to refer to blonde or golden beer. Blonde beer is one of the most popular varieties of beer worldwide, and this nickname is very common in bars and pubs.

“Jarra” (jug)

In Spain, beer is often served in large jugs. Therefore, it is common to hear people refer to beer simply as “jarra”. This nickname is very common in Spanish bars and pubs.


This nickname is used in some regions of Spain to refer to a beer served in a long, narrow glass. The name “tubo” is due to the shape of the glass, which resembles a tube.

“Caña” (cane)

In Spain, the “caa” is a standard measure for serving beer in bars and pubs. The term “caa” is also used to refer to a beer itself. It is a common nickname and is used all over the country.

In conclusion, there are many different nicknames for beer all over the world. From “chela” in Mexico to “jarra” in Spain, each country has its own nicknames and ways of referring to this popular drink. These nicknames are a fun and affectionate way to talk about beer and its importance in culture and society.

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