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The Sparkling wine tank is a stainless steel pressure vessel designed for sparkling wine production using the Charmat method at a working pressure of 6 bar. It has a dished top and bottom and can be outfitted with PED manhole covers and manway doors.

The pressure vessel is wrapped in a thick layer of PU foam, which insulates it and ensures low energy consumption.

An oversized, dimpled jacket ensures that the temperature inside the pressure vessel is always optimal. Because of the vertical construction of the cooling jacket, the stored liquids will be efficiently chilled even if the Charmat tank still needs to be completed.

Durable, high-quality materials allow the pressure tank to remain pristine even after years of professional use.

sparkling wine tank

A sparkling wine tank is a vessel that ferments sparkling wine. There are many different types of tanks that are used for this purpose.

Some tanks are designed with a coil or dimple jacket for insulating the interior of the tank. Some tanks are insulated and can be used to ferment both red and white wines.


Charmat method

The Charmat method for sparkling wine is a technique for fermenting wine in a tank without the use of bottles. This process is based on a pressurized tank in which sugar and yeast are added. This allows for the secondary fermentation to occur rapidly. The process takes anywhere from one to six weeks, depending on the amount of sugar added. It also allows for the development of finer bubbles while preserving the aromatics of the wine. The wine is then filtered to remove any sediment.

Continuous method

Sparkling wine tanks are made using one of several methods. These methods are either continuous or batch-based. Continuous methods are often less expensive and are faster than batch-based methods. These methods use a series of tanks, each with a different pressure and temperature. Using a tank method creates a sparkling wine that is cleaner and more youthful-tasting than one made with other methods.

sparkling wine tank Features

Mueller Temp-Plate® heat transfer surface allows for effective cooling.
ASME standards are intended for high-pressure applications.
Temperature monitoring thermowells
Manway on the top or sidewall
Port for sampling
Port of carbonation

sparkling wine tank Optional Extras

Outside sight gauges
Stainless steel outer jacket that is insulated and fully welded
Material polishing and weld finishes
Temperature control that is automated
Product mixing requires agitation.


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