Samuel Adams Helium Beer: The Taste of Innovation

What is Samuel Adams Helium beer?

Samuel Adams Helium Beer

Samuel Adams Helium beer is an experimental beer that has been infused with helium gas to create a unique tasting experience.

The Samuel Adams brand is known for its innovation in brewing, and Helium beer is a perfect example of its dedication to creativity and exploration.

The Brewing Process

Samuel Adams Helium beer is brewed using an infusion process in which helium gas is added during fermentation.

The addition of helium allows the beer to have a smooth, creamy texture with a unique mouthfeel.

The taste

The taste of Samuel Adams Helium beer is smooth and light, with a hint of sweetness.

It is an easy-drinking and refreshing beer, perfect for a summer day.

In addition, the addition of helium to the beer makes it even smoother in the mouth and creates a fizzy sensation on the tongue.


Samuel Adams’ Helium beer is an experimental beer that offers a unique tasting experience.

Its unique brewing process and the addition of helium give this beer a smooth and creamy texture, while its smooth and refreshing taste makes it a perfect choice for any occasion. If you are a beer lover looking for something new and exciting, Samuel Adams Helium beer is definitely a beer you should try.

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