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Heated mixing tank


A heated mixing tank is a container designed to hold and mix materials at a consistent temperature. The tank is usually jacketed and can be equipped with an agitator to keep the contents mixed. Heated mixing tanks are commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

Heated mixing tank

Heated mixing tank is designed to deal low-speed stirring, high disperse, dissolving and mixing for various of viscosity liquid and solid products. Raising and falling adopts pneumatic.

This equipment is mainly used for storing materials used in the food, medicine, and chemical industries, and it is indispensable storage equipment for them. You can make it with SUS304, S.S. 316L, or Q235B carbon steel.

It is reasonably designed and manufactured using advanced technology, and it meets GMP requirements.

The tank’s inner surface can be mirroring polished, and the roughness can reach RA =0.8um. The outer surface is polished as follows: the cover and the bottom will be mirroring polished, and the remaining part will be mat polished—all the polishes meet international standards.

50-1000 gallons
Single layer/ Double layers ( heating )/ Three layers ( Insulation layer )
Heating mode
Electric heating, Steam heating, Gas heating
Motor power
Full jacket, Dimple jacket, Coil tube
Mixing Type
High shear mixer or Agitator (Anchor, Oblique leaf blade, Ping ye rush ton turbine, Clover propelled)


Material: SUS304 or S.S. 316L

Agitator type: anchor, frame, or paddle type. (This can be changed.)

Mixing structure: cyclic pinwheel reducer or stepless reducer

Sealing device: mechanical sealing or dual-face water-cooled sealing

Heating ways: electric heating, steam heating

Volume: can be made per customer requirements; volume can be made from 50 liters to 500 liters.


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