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Our Mixing Tank line handles batch sizes from 200L to 10000L or 30-8,000 usable gallons while offering larger and smaller custom sizes to fit any requirements.

Our stainless steel mixing tanks are designed with quick and easy set-up; this high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin mixer scraper supports and provides years of maintenance-free service.

Mixers feature crucial components from world-famous brand motors. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) are added according to customer request, allowing complete motor speed control and adjusting for varying viscosities.

All wetted mixer parts are SS304 or SS316 Stainless Steel.

This mixing tank can be conical bottom or flat bottom, with manhole/close top tanks or open-top with lids.

chemical mixing tank

Stainless steel jacketed chemical mixing tanks can be used for many applications. They are mainly used in chemical, biological, and food industries. They are also used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Furthermore, they are capable of homogenizing and cooling, and they are easy to clean.

A double-layer jacketed chemical mixing tank can be used to mix and heat a wide range of materials. It can also be used for cooling and reducing the viscosity of high-viscosity fluids. The temperature of the contents can be controlled by the vessel, which makes it useful in many industries.

The internals of the jacket include baffles that direct flow in a spiral pattern around the jacket. It also features agitating nozzles. They are affixed to the vessel shell with regular spot welds.

Stainless steel jacketed chemical mixers can be used to mix materials for chemical synthesis, or to regulate the temperature of the contents. They can also be used as a buffer tank or continuous production tank. They can be used in a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, paint and ink, cosmetic, and bath products.

Technical parameters

Surface treatment
mirror finish or mat polished
Max. working pressure
3 bar
Single, Double, Three
Domestic, ABB, Siemens
Motor Power
Application scope
chemical.dairy, food, beverage, pharmacy, cosmetic
1. In-build thermal system


2. With blend function, come with 0.55Kw speed-adjustable blending motor
3. blending speed and mixing power customized
4. with jet type CIP cleaning ball or normal CIP ball
5. Sanitary ventilation pipe to defend against flies and insects
6. speed Quick opening manway on blending tank top
7. Adjustable legs
8. Detachable blending paddle
9. with Thermometer
10. stainless steel Ladder (optional)
11. Level meter and level controller


A Stainless Steel Mixing Tank with Agitator is used for aeration, dissolution, homogenization, and suspension of liquids and solids. It is also used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries.

Various types of mixing tanks with agitators are available in the market. These include a chemical mixing tank, paint mixing tank, food mixing tank, and sanitary mixing tank. The design and configuration of each mixer vary depending on the material, application, and production process. Some of these mixers also feature different discharging modes.

Different blades used in different mixers are designed for different production conditions. They can be made of metal material, stainless steel, or mild steel, and they can also be used in abrasive applications.

The tank mixer’s size depends on the application and the use conditions, which is essential to ensure the safety of the process. The application also affects the tank mixer’s electrical and mechanical loading, which is essential to ensure the durability of the mixer.

The primary function of the agitator is to mix liquids. This is done by rotating the impeller. There are various types of impellers used for this purpose. Some of them include Standard hydrofoils, Gas Dispersion Impellers, Dispersion Blade Impellers, and Saw Tooth Disk Impellers. The choice of impeller depends on the application.

Some mixers have temperature gauges, level gauges, and display devices. Some of these mixers also have jacket-heating models, and the jacket-heating model is usually equipped with an electric heating system.

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