500L copper distilling equipment
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500L copper distilling equipment


If you're looking to get into distilling, or just want to upgrade your home setup, copper distilling equipment is the way to go. Copper is an excellent conductor of heat, so it's ideal for use in distilling.

500L copper distilling equipment

Turnkey batch distilling systems ranging in size from 100L to 5000L are available from Ace. Everything from grain to spirit can be tailored to your specifications and delivered by us.

This is important when you are distilling because you want the temperature to remain consistent throughout the process.














1-2 Years

After-Sale Consult



SUS304,SUS316L,T2 Red Copper



Available Space

Craft Distillery, Farm

Leading Time


Heating Source

Direct Fire/Steam 


Making Whiskey/American Bourbon/Vodka/Rum


Any size is obtainable.

Are there height limits on your structure? We can tailor the distillery to its specifications. We can still produce this with any diameter boiler or column. Copper or stainless steel can craft the columns and condensers according to your specifications.

  • Still pot: 500L, copper or stainless steel, or a combination of the two.
  • Motors that are Ex-proof and CSA/UL/CE certified are available.
  • Full-size glass porthole for observing the progress of the pots.
  • You have the option of choosing between electric and steam heating.
  • Helmet/Gooseneck: Various shapes are available, and we can tailor them to your specifications.
  • Copper, stainless steel, or glass casing containing a copper sieve.
  • Copper or stainless steel distillation columns are offered. Copper bubble plates, by-pass valves, CIP balls, sight lights, and sight glasses
  • Copper or stainless steel may be used for the condenser column, and copper or stainless steel can be used for the tubes based on the customer’s preference.
  • Support base: product tanks or stainless steel columns as a support base.
  • Available are the CIP pump and fittings for the CIP plumbing system.
  • Surface finishes include swirl, satin, and mirror.

Small Distilling

We build our small distilleries with capacities ranging from 50 to 500 liters with the utmost care and according to the strictest quality standards. We create and construct a system that meets your unique requirements. We are open to your suggestions.

With a limitless number of trays, column distilleries and customized systems may produce alcohol.

For fruit, grain/beer, gin, and herbal spirits


Industrial and Commercial Distillation

Commercial and industrial distilleries are the source of all distillates and spirits. You can anticipate the following characteristics:

  1. modular design & optimum safety
  2. Tailor-made/bespoke Made design
  3. automation & digitization (on request)
  4. for fruit brandy, grain brandy, rum, and brandy

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