400L craft vodka whiskey distillery equipment
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400L craft vodka whiskey distillery equipment


If you're looking for a quality home distilling setup, you can't go wrong with 400L distillery equipment. This size still is perfect for the hobbyist or first-time distiller, and it will produce high-quality spirits.

400L craft vodka whiskey distillery equipment

400L craft distillery equipment (pot + tower distillation equipment) consists of a distillation pot, a distillation tower, a product condenser, a pipeline, and a control system; Each distillation unit consists of a distillation pot, a gooseneck, a Lynn arm, and a condenser.

400L craft vodka whiskey distillery equipment Configure

    • Volume actual: 475L; volume in use: 400L
    • Inner vessel: red copper T2, 3 m thick
    • Red copper T2 with a thickness of 3 m
  • cladding: SUS304; thickness: 4 mm
  • Insulated with 50 mm of PU
  • 0.37 kW/46 rpm Stirring motor: explosion-proof mixer
  • Exterior shell made of SUS304 with a 2 mm thickness.
  • Temperature control: PT100
  • Two 10-kilowatt electric heating elements serve as the source of heat.
  • With a glass manhole, a CIP cleaning ball, a safety valve, a sight light, and a steam trap, among other features.


Any size available

Have height constraints? We can tailor the course to your structure, and personalization is not an issue.

We can still produce this with any diameter boiler or column.

Copper or stainless steel can be used to craft the columns and condensers, according to your preference.

Still pot: 475 liters, made of copper, stainless steel, or both.

Motors that are ex-proof and CSA, UL, and CE listed are available.

Full-size glass porthole for observing the progress of the pots.

You have the option of choosing between electric and steam heating.

Helmet/gooseneck: Various shapes are available, and we can tailor them to your specifications.

Copper or stainless steel can be used to construct the distillation column. Copper bubble plates, by-pass valves, CIP balls, sight lights, and sight glasses

Condenser column: copper or stainless steel; tubing can be SS or copper according to your specifications.

Support base: product tanks or stainless steel columns are available as support bases.

CIP pumps and fittings are offered in the CIP plumbing system.

Satin finish or mirror finish on the surface


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