200L Alcohol Gin Brandy Vodka Distillation Equipment
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200L Alcohol Gin Brandy Vodka Distillation Equipment


A pot constructed of copper, glass, and copper columns joined, a partial condenser, and a condenser powered by steam or electricity comprise the 200l distillery equipment.

The distillery equipment is a single unit intended to meet and surpass the demands of new distilleries while also serving as sophisticated test distillation equipment for established distilleries producing whiskey, gin, fruit brandy, rum, and wine spirits.

Ace offers a comprehensive distillation process system that includes a mash tun, fermentation tank, spirit storage tanks, wine tanks, and other components.

200L Alcohol Gin Brandy Vodka Distillation Equipment

Alcohol distillation equipment is used to produce distilled spirits. The process of distillation involves heating a fermented liquid, such as wine or beer, to a temperature at which the alcohol vaporizes. The vapor is then collected and condensed to produce a distilled spirit.

Specifications for 200L Alcohol Distillation Equipment

  • The inner tank is composed of TP2 copper and has a 3 mm wall thickness.
  • Interlayer steam heating is the heating technology used.
  • Copper material separator Copper head
  • Five sight glasses and four tiers of trays in the tower column
  • Gold blue stainless steel and stainless steel condenser
  • 3*50L collecting bucket with stainless steel bracket
  • Pump for CIP cleaning

Configuration of 200L Distillation Equipment

Still Pot Volume: 300L overall volume, 200L operating volume
TP2 red copper inner pot, thickness 3 mm
TP2 red copper dish head, thickness 3 mm
SUS304 outer shell, fish wave plate, 2 mm thickness
Jacketed: insulated 50 mm
2*8KW heating technique (415V/50hz/3ph electric heating rods)
Accessories include a 250 manhole, a level gauge, a pressure release valve, a thermometer, a sight light, and other items.

Copper Head Material: TP2 red copper, thickness: 3 mm
Alcohol Pipeline Material: TP2 red copper, thickness: 1.5 mm

Still Column: TP2 red copper, thickness:3 mm ; 4 bubble trays and 5 sight glasses Attached reflux device, thermometer Dephlegmator
Dephlegmator: TP2 red copper, thickness:3 mm
Gin Basket Condenser: TP2 red copper, thickness: 3 mm

Our equipment consists of red copper and 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel is long-lasting, whereas copper transmits heat efficiently and aids scent extraction.
The column structure makes the process more efficient and allows for a greater alcohol degree.
If necessary, the machine can be outfitted with a gin basket, in which the steam of alcohol is combined with the aroma and flavor of Geneva.


Get the Price of 200L Distillation Equipment

If you intend to start a distillery and require 150l distillery equipment, please get in touch with us.

Ace will design and build a complete distillation system for you based on your budget, and we will provide you with a complete turnkey service, giving you more time to learn about winemaking techniques.

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