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15BBL Brewhouse


3.5bbl to 15bbl brewhouse systems are offered as stand-alone tanks or skid-mounted combi-system. They can be designed to produce 12 to 15 bbl per hour, and they can also be customized to a customer's needs.

15BBL Brewhouse

15BBL Brewhouse trial and make ale or lager. Ace’s 15BBL Brewhouse can give you a comprehensive solution and help you complete commercial brewing more successfully. If you want to open a medium to large bar or brewery, our 15BBL Brewhouse is an excellent choice. You may personalize the operation panel and cold liquid tank configuration through our turnkey solution.

15BBL Brewhouse

15BBL Brewhouse Advantages

  • The Mash tank has a fixed level gauge for easy viewing. All lauter tuns feature milled sieve plates for enhanced filtration accuracy and efficiency.
  • The exterior of the lauter tun is fitted with a dustpan, which helps clean the grains. Customers can discharge directly since the drain exit is separate from the discharge outlet.
  • The mash system, according to the customer’s brewing procedure, can meet the feeding in the boiling kettle and the feeding in the lauter tun.
  • Our mash system is capable of both natural and pumped filtration. A frequency converter on the lauter tun stirring motor allows for step-less speed regulation. The rake motor can also be built to lift the rake up and down.
  • Depending on what the customer wants, the kettle can come with either an internal or external exhaust system to get rid of too much water vapor in the mashing area.
  • We have a special inline hop filter to clean the wort before it goes through fermentation.
  • The pump motor is of the American brand ABB or JLEM, with long service life and low noise.
  • A grist hydra tor is installed in the mash tun to moisten homogeneous malt.
  • The brewhouse pipe design includes a cold and hot water mixing device.
  • Use a thermometer and a flow meter to mix hot and cold water evenly before mashing.
  • The bottom of the lauter tun has a wort collection loop and an under-the-flush device.
  • Installing a wort balance tank to ensure wort clarity and to protect the sieve plate
  • On top of the tank, a sparge arm and a double CIP cleaning loop are installed.
  • Milling sieve plate with 0.7 mm wedge-shaped gap and 4 mm thickness that can be removed and cleaned, and a supported and fastened bottom.
  • The HLT was constructed with a return port, a CIP cleaning port, and a water inlet to enable hot water recovery and utilization between the heat exchangers.
  • The working platform is designed to be watertight and non-slip.
  • Full glass manways are always used in brewhouse manways.

Standard 15BBL Brewhouse Configuration

There are two, three, or four-vessel systems available.

All of our brewhouses include TIG-welded tanks and pipes.

304 or 316 stainless steel construction

TRC pipework is used throughout. It includes every elbow, tee, and bend in the system, resulting in an entirely sanitary system.

All pumps in the brewhouse are made of 100% stainless steel and have motors.

The Rake System is available with both non-lifting and hydraulic lifting options.

There are floor mounted, vessel-mounted, and ceiling-mounted grist cases available.

Lauter tun with a conical or flat bottom 


Specifications for a 15BBL Brewhouse

  • 15 BBL of effective volume 18.75 BBL total volume
  • Material: SUS304, SUS316/red copper Dimensions: 1700*3000 mm
  • Heating methods include electric, steam, and direct fire.
  • PLC Simens or PID Schneider/ABB brand control system
  • 3.2 m2 of heating area
  • Power: 15–70 kW, depending on size.
  • 3 phase, 380 volts (220, 415, 480…) v/50 (60) Hz
  • 220 (110, 240…) volts/50 (60) hertz, single phase
  • Brewing batches: 6–12 brews each week
  • Work pressure: 0.4 MPA for the inner jacket, 0.5 MPA for the cooling jacket
  • Design pressure: 0.2 MPA for the inner jacket, 0.3 MPA for the cooling jacket
  • Brew master number: 1



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