100 gallon copper still
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100 gallon copper still


A 100-gallon copper still is an excellent addition to any home distilling setup. If you're interested in making your own distilled spirits at home, a 100-gallon copper still is a significant investment.

100 gallon copper still

100 gallon copper still is just the right size for almost any endeavor. Anything from moonshine to essential oils may be distilled in this versatile still. It’s unlikely that a 100-gallon copper still will be too small for your needs.

100 gallon copper still Key Feature:

1. is simple to operate and use, clean and compact.
2. excellent safety, high work efficiency, long service life, low energy consumption, superior quality, and a low price.
3. Offer tailored services and technical and drafting assistance
4. steam heating, direct and indirect electric heating, or direct fire heating be used?
5. CIP spraying ball for 360-degree cleaning efficiency.
Explosion-proof motors must be CE, UL, and CSA certified.
Applicable to whiskey, brandy, rum, vodka, gin, tequila, and bourbons, among others.


100 gallons is the working capacity.

2. Material: stainless steel 304 and red copper of grade T2.

3. Tank inner shell thickness equals 3 mm, jacketed equals 3 mm, PU foam insulation equals 50 mm, and cladding equals 1.5 mm.

4. Goose neck:3 mm thickness, linked with 159 mm tri-clamp.

5. Distillation column: 3 mm thick, with six plates (trays); each end is to be joined with a stainless steel 304 tri-clamp.

6. Condenser: Inner shell thickness = 3 mm, with a thermometer, CIP ball, and thermoses on the top and bottom, respectively.

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